Route4Me, Inc., Fort Lee, N.J., launched Dynamic Route Optimization, a comprehensive platform that uses big data, data science and machine learning to optimize multi-driver/multi-destination routes. Furthermore, Dynamic Route Optimization is now available on the Geotab Marketplace, which provides customers with dynamic route sequencing and optimization software integrated with Geotab’s real-time vehicle tracking platform.

Key features of the Route4Me and Geotab platform integration are:

Mobile app. Companies can send routes directly from Route4Me to the driver’s Route4Me mobile app and benefit from proof-of-delivery, signature capture and voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

High-speed real-time dynamic route optimization. This automatically creates multi-driver, multi-depot routes, accounting for variables such as predictive traffic, predictive weather, dynamic orders, dynamic dispatch, recurring routes, multiple customer time windows, volumetric and capacitated planning and load sequencing.

Interactive customer alerts and portal. End-users can see the location of an inbound Geotab-enabled vehicle on their smartphone, as well as receive alerts by SMS, email and voice call notifying them of inbound or scheduled driver visits, while interacting with the system to cancel or delay visits without human intervention.

Visualize and analyze route performance. Route4Me uses Geotab vehicle tracking data to reveal on a map, in real-time, how vehicles and drivers actually drive their routes compared to how the optimized routes were planned. Route deviations, late arrivals, time window violations and other alerts are tracked, displayed and trended using dashboards and reports.

Route4Me, Inc.