TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Austria, launched a blizzard free-fall sorter for individually-quick frozen (IQF) vegetable and fruit processing. This sorter provides TOMRA sorting foodcontinuous inspection and ensures food safety and customer satisfaction by removing unwanted discolorations, foreign material and misshapen produce with maximum yield.

The Blizzard delivers stable detection, utilizing pulsed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with multiple infrared wavelengths, combined with specially-designed full red, green, blue cameras. And, this small footprint sorter can comfortably replace older generation systems and easily fit in processing lines. It can handle both mono and mixed color produce. The high-power, color-modulated LED technology boasts a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, and there’s no extra cooling device needed.

Other advantages include the elimination of flat surfaces, integration of open, easy-to-clean legs, hygienic door locks, installation of transportation hooks and positioning of the electrical cabinet at its rear end. A high-frequency electromagnetic shaker installed on the machine frame minimizes vibration, making the system ultra-compact.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions
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