Borden Dairy, Dallas, Texas, launched its new line of Frusion Go Wild! smoothies, available in Savage Strawberry, Go Bananas & Berry and Tropical Twist flavors. Borden fruit smoothies

Ounce per ounce, Frusion Go Wild! is said to contain less sugar than the leading kids smoothie, with twice the amount of calcium and 25% more smoothie per container. Frusion Go Wild! also comes in BPA-free packaging, complete with an easy to use resealable cap to prevent spills on-the-go.

“As a busy mom myself, I’m thrilled to launch a product like Frusion Go Wild!” says Sarah Collins, senior brand manager. “It can be a challenge for today’s on-the-go families to find snacks that are nutritious, delicious and portable. We created Frusion Go Wild! with little adventurers and their ‘keepers’ in mind. Kids told us that they love yogurt smoothies, but that most 'kids' smoothies available were too small for their growing tastes. Moms told us they love yogurt smoothies, but don’t like the mess they create when the bottle ends up on the floor of the car. So, we created a smoothie that’s 25% larger than the leading kids smoothie, and put a resealable cap on it. Problem solved! ”