Multi-Conveyor, Winneconne, Wis., merged two lanes of separately fed 12-inch-long bagged food products into a single conveyor lane at 110 products per minute. Multi-Conveyor 2-1 conveyor

The new system is designed to maintain bag registration while calculating speed-to-length ratios necessary for proper product stagger at the merging point. Even when the system stops and starts again, the bagged product remains in position for a successful 2:1 combine.

A powered side rail maintains the position of the bags in the lane being plowed across the merge belt and into the gap between the bags in the lane that travels straight through the merge. Also, urethane belt transfers at the bagger discharges allow loose product to fall through.

A complete control system with line control devices, control panel, variable frequency drives, PanelView Plus operator interface and system logic also help merge product to downstream operations.