La Terra Fina, Union City, Calif., added a new line of organic Ranch dips and hummus to its current offering of refrigerated dips and spreads. La Terra Fina roasted garlic hummus

Made with Greek yogurt, the organic Ranch dips come in Classic Ranch, Cracked Black Pepper Ranch and Chipotle Ranch varieties, all boasting just 50 calories per serving and USDA certified organic.

The organic hummus line, comprised of Classic, Roasted Red Pepper and Roasted Garlic kinds, includes organic flaxseed oil and is also USDA certified organic.

“Snacking is increasingly the preferred way for Americans to eat, and dipping goes hand in hand with that trend,” says Stephanie Robbins, director of brand development. “Our traditional line of dips and spreads continue to fly off store shelves, and we expect these new organic lines of hummus and Ranch dips to appeal to those looking for healthier options, ultimately growing our customer base.”

These dips and hummus come packaging made from 35% recycled PET materials and boast a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.99.