Diestel Turkey Ranch, Sonora, Calif., introduced a new lineup of pre-sliced deli turkey. Diestel turkey slices

Available in certified-organic and antibiotic-free, these new turkey breast slices are non-GMO-verified, 100% vegetarian fed, thoughtfully-raised without antibiotics and GAP Step 3-rated. Plus, they’re made from whole muscle meat and thinly sliced.

They come in Naturally Oven Roasted, Naturally Smoked, Honey Roasted, Peppered Roasted, Herb Roasted, Pastrami Seasoned, Chipotle Seasoned, Organic Oven Roasted, Organic Smoked, Organic Honey Roasted and Organic Fresh Roasted varieties.

“The Diestel family has always placed priority on producing high-quality turkey rather than offering products at a cheaper price,” says Heidi Diestel, turkey farmer. “No corners are ever cut. No quality is ever compromised. Now, with our new deli slices, people can enjoy premium turkey that tastes like it has just been freshly carved off of a delicious holiday bird, all year round.”

Diestel’s new turkey breast deli slices are available at select independent, natural and upscale food stores for a suggested retail price of $5.99 for antibiotic-free and $6.99 for the organic kind.