Watson-Marlow, Wilmington, Mass., expanded its MasoSinebrand to include a line of pumps ideal for optimizing deli salad production.

MasoSine pumps produce powerful suction (up to 0.85 bar) with low shear and gentle transfer capabilities. And, variable flow rate capabilities means MasoSine pumps can be adjusted to suit specific production requirements.  The simple design includes an exclusive single shaft and sinusoidal rotor, which means there is no need for complex timing gears and multiple seals.

How it works is, the smooth, undulating contour of the pump rotor transfers deli salad blends through the pump without product compression, thus maintaining the product’s integrity, viscosity profile, texture, color and value, even at high flows. The single rotor design maintains constant volumetric displacement throughout the pumping cycle, providing a smooth and consistent flow profile without pulsation spikes.

The large pumping chambers and the sinusoidal rotor’s gentle wave action means the MasoSine pump preserves and maintains the integrity of such solids as chicken, egg and tuna, as well as diced vegetables, fruit, nuts, coleslaw and bases like mayonnaise and dressings. MasoSine pumps can cope with viscosities up to 8 million centipoise with no impact on end product integrity and visual appeal.

The MasoSine pump is said to use up to 50% less energy for the same flow than other pump types when handling viscous products.

MasoSine pumps maintain 3A certification, provide full clean-in-place ability and are compatible with strip-clean regimes.

Watson-Marlow, Inc.