Ever want to stop what you’re doing and just escape? Perry’s Ice Cream, Akron, N.Y., introduced Escapes, a new line of ice cream available in pint and quart sizes.

“Our more indulgent flavors have always been well received. We’re excited to bring Escapes to the retail market and to share in these delightful adventures with our customers,” says Eva Balazs, director of marketing and contract sales.

The lineup will be refreshed annually and features 20 different flavors, providing a journey in a different dream world. One can hike through the Rocky Mountains and splash through a steady stream; lounge in a hammock on a Caribbean beach as it sways from a gentle breeze; stroll along the banks of the Seine and gaze at the architectural masterpieces around Paris; or watch a summer storm roll in as lighting streaks across a dark sky.

In addition to the uniqueness of the flavors, the new line’s packaging has a very distinct look. Each carton prominently displays “Made in New York” around the rim of the lid and features a photographic trail of the key flavor components.

The Escapes line is available at retail locations where Perry’s Ice Cream is sold.