Engineered for seafood and meat packing applications, the Linde DRI PACK automated box chilling system distributes CO2 snow at -109.3oF in open boxes or totes. How it works is the snow chills food products as they travel along a conveyor, locking in moisture and preserving freshness and quality. Once in the container, the snow does not melt, so there is no liquid. Built to USDA requirements, the system includes a shroud around the chute to vent waste gases to the outside. It is compatible with most conveyor lines and containers up to approximately 24 inches wide.

Linde LLC



The Tug Tester measuring system from Cambridge Engineered Solutions obtains accurate tension readings on the turn and spiral cage conveyor belts commonly used during the cooling and freezing stages of baking and food processing. Providing daily plant monitoring, the system measures tangential tension by tier as the belts cycle through systems, uploading data and tracking changes on a PC. It can be used on various belt loads up to 1,000 pounds, with measurements provided every two seconds. The system is approved for use at operating temperatures from -40°F to 120°F, and includes a belt loading mechanism, rechargeable lithium ion battery and charger, software discs, pins, adaptors, cables and a carrying case.

Cambridge Engineered Solutions



For case-ready meats JBT and Wolf-tec constructed a line featuring the Frigoscandia ADVANTEC impingement freezer. Designed to freeze a wide range of thin or flat products, including high-value IQF products, as well as crust freeze and stabilize soft food and sticky confectionery before further processing, this impingement freezer also improves throughput, yield and hygiene in deli product slicing and rapidly super-chills raw meat products for safer chilled distribution.

JBT Corp.



IQF Frost made some enhancements to its IQF freezer, OctoFrost.The OctoFrostis unique in its mono-block design and easy interior access for reliable and swift cleaning, and is equipped with air knives that blow high pressure air in the coil during production, preventing snow buildup and optimizing run time between defrost. Additional spray nozzles decrease down time and speed up the cleaning process. Inside the freezers, patented removable bedplates received a new click design that significantly decreases handling time. New energy friendly LED lights improve cleaning inside the freezer. OctoFrostalso comes with a dry air infusion system in the operating panel, lights and motors, eliminating condensation. Additionally, the freezer was reinforced with stronger fins in the coil and an anti-slip shockproof floor.

IQF Frost, Inc.



Master-Bilt debuted new under-counter, reach-in and low-profile blast chillers and freezers. The new Master-Chill MBC Series under-counter blast chiller MBC40-4A, for example, is designed for easy access with a small footprint and large interior. It features three removable steel wire racks and four sets of pan/shelf guide with nine positions and 1.2-inch intervals of vertical spacing accompanied by a self-closing door and full-height outer stainless-steel handle. The reach-in blast chiller MBC80-8A and MBC113-16A are floor-standing models capable of chilling 80 pounds and 113 pounds of product, respectively, from 194°F to 37°F in 90 minutes. And, the low-profile blast chiller MBCF35/22-5A is designed to sit below a combi oven for efficient use of kitchen space. It produces 35 pounds of product from 194°F to 37°F in 90 minutes and 22 pounds from 194°F to 0°F in 240 minutes.

Master-Bilt, member of the Standex Food Service Equipment Group



Praxair announced its newest tunnel freezing system, the Praxair ColdFront Cryo-Saver Tunnel. This new tunnel system employs advanced cryogenic freezing technologies developed to operate more economically in the same footprint as a traditional cryogenic tunnel system. The entrance and exit are uniquely positioned to prevent room air from infiltrating into the freezer, resulting in what is said to be up to 15% savings in operating costs, depending on production parameters. Plus, the freezer enclosure is designed to meet new USDA sanitation standards, making cleanup quick and thorough.

Praxair Inc.



Sensaphone introduced a cellular version of its Sentinelsystem that provides 24/7 monitoring of unattended freezers and coolers where internet or Ethernet connectivity is unavailable. When the Sentinelsystem detects a problem such as leaks, temperature changes and power outages, it immediately sends alerts by phone, text or email. Ideal for use in food manufacturing, processing and storage facilities, research and testing laboratories and foodservice and retail locations, only one Sentinelunit is required to monitor up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions. It also stores all sensor readings in the cloud, providing unlimited information storage and protection against data loss. Multiple devices can be managed from one account using web-based management tools. No software required.




Tetra Pak launched what is said to be the highest-capacity extrusion line on the market for large scale production of ice cream sticks and sandwiches. The freezer and high-precision cutting equipment delivers up to 43,200 pieces per hour and guarantees a uniform product with high stability—due to effective temperature control at every stage—as well as identical thickness. Further along the process, the newly developed dip and transfer unit allows a gentle and precise dipping as well as a careful and error-free lay-off to the wrapper, resulting in minimal product waste. The line also allows for greater flexibility in switching between ice cream sticks and sandwiches, as well as handling up to four flavors and 12 different coatings without changing equipment.

Tetra Pak US



Freshlineprecision cooling from Air Products consists of machine-component cooling that targets extremely cold nitrogen gas at heat-generating elements. During operation, chilling knives, blades and fixtures can decrease product buildup and increase throughput, thus easing cleanup and inhibiting mold growth. Food-surface cooling targets extremely cold nitrogen gas at the specific spot, point or surface of food that requires heat removal. Precision cooling can alleviate tricky processing problems where heat may create an issue, for example, sticking, clogging or jamming. Surface cooling can also ease layering or prevent the mixing of two different food items.

Air Products and Chemicals Inc.



Primarily developed for the European market, the GEA S-Tec spiral freezer and cooler is designed to chill and freeze a wide variety of food products. GEA S-Tec freezers and coolers can be matched to the type, weight and size of any food product. Depending on the item, the GEA S-Tec range can process up to 7 metric tons per hour, and comes with sequential defrost to enable 3-shift production over a period of several days. These new spiral freezers also feature a fully welded floor and open steel sections and can be installed into existing production lines.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies