Heat and Control’s Ishida line offers three ways to hygienically seal almost any size and shape tray for fresh cut fruits, salads and more. The semi-automatic QX-300 seals up to six trays at a time, with a 5-minute changeover, and connects pre-mixed gas or a gas mixer for modified atmosphere packaging to seal a wide range of orders. Operating alone or in an automatic line, the QX-775 delivers high output from a small space. It can seal up to 15 cycles per minute and handles outside cut, inside cut and shrink films. The QX-1100 comes in a split dual-lane model that seals two entirely different trays at once at up to 15 cycles per minute. Ishida QX-775 and 1100 tray sealers feature self-draining surfaces, no-tools removal of conveyors and belt and open framework for easy access and washdown. Individual tool heads can be turned off without stopping production. And, Smart Belt software eliminates mechanical maintenance to deliver consistent tray spacing and detect incorrect weight trays or debris on the belt. 

Heat and Control, Inc.




Douglas Machine introduced the Axiom IM horizontal case/tray packing machine, which provides gentle product handling at speeds up to 40 cases per minute with pack-pattern flexibility. Meanwhile, the Douglas Invex IM features speeds up to 25 cases or trays per minute, a simple and repeatable changeover, a sanitary frame design and stainless-steel washdown options.

Douglas Machine Inc.




Standard-Knapp featured its flexible 298 Tritium trayshink packer, which is a single machine capable of tray, pad and unsupported pack styles, making it ideal for co-packers. This machine is capable of running up to 120 trays per minute with a consistent tight, wrinkle-free wrap. The Robo-Wand offers multi-axis control for limitless packing possibilities without the need for change parts. The horizontally loaded tray blank magazine is ergonomically designed for operator comfort and simplified maintenance. Operators can load blanks without bending or stretching and can quickly spot operational issues. In addition, changing from one pack style to another takes operators about 15 minutes.





MGS Machine introduced the Vortex, a new high-speed tray denester that separates trays, clamshells, flanged lids, tubs and buckets from a nested stack and accurately places them, ready for filling, on a flighted or flat-belt conveyor at speeds up to 300 per minute. Featuring a single-sided cantilevered design, 4-axis stepper motor system and full washdown capability, this screw denester offers easy installation, 5-minute changeovers and superior sanitation. The Vortex is ideal for a wide range of trayed products, such as bakery items, ready-meals, meat, poultry, seafood and fresh produce, and handles square, rectangular oval, round and pie-shaped trays, clamshells, lids, tubs and buckets made of plastic, polystyrene, paperboard and molded-fiber.

MGS Machine