Daisy Brand, Dallas, Texas, developed a squeezable package that dispenses fresh sour cream evenly and exactly.

The new Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream package is a patented design that uses a flexible foil material fixed to a cap, what is said to be a first for the industry. The package sits cap-down, fits in the refrigerator door and dispenses sour cream through a 1-way valve when pressure is applied to the unit.

"Consumers were asking for a better way to use sour cream as a topping with greater precision than a spoon allows, so we worked closely with them to develop a unique package that suits their needs," says Craig Ziemkiewicz, director of marketing. "Our flexible package is both fun and easy to use, allowing consumers to squeeze a dollop of Daisy exactly where they want it."

The new bottle comes with a pull tab to guarantee freshness upon initial opening. And, the opening valve design further aids in maintaining freshness by keeping air from getting into the package when squeezed. Plus, the valve enables users to dispense Daisy sour cream at a preferred stream size.

Daisy sour cream in the new flexible pouch squeezable package is available at all major retailers nationwide.