Anchor Packaging’s Culinary Squares line of bases and lids now includes 9x9-inch improved foam clamshells. The durable, cut-resistant material of the bases and the food visibility provided by the clear lids provide the ultimate combination of an upscale presentation. Enhancements include a deeper dome, vented lids made with crystal clear polypropylene and Clear Guard anti-fog technology, matching 8.5-inch square, black PP bases and secure, leak-resistant closures. These packages withstand temperatures up to 230°F in warming units, under heat lamps or in the microwave. Containers are made with a natural mineral additive, reducing the use of petroleum based resin by 40%.
Anchor Packaging Inc.



ORBIS introduced PlastiCorr, what is said to be the first ever plastic, reusable corrugated box that works seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines. PlastiCorr features the patented Enfold technology, where the joint design ensures the box’s flaps return to a straight position after every use, working like new every time. PlastiCorr boxes last multiple cycles through a supply chain, and the all-plastic design is free of dust. Further, PlastiCorr’s design makes it easy to clean and won’t absorb moisture or odors. PlastiCorr is also 100% recyclable.



PaperWorks Industries launched ClubStak, a paper-based packaging solution designed to help brand owners and retailers improve the consumer experience and meet package performance requirements. ClubStak’s construction features an outer carton made from 100% coated recycled paperboard and an internal liner made with custom-selected, paper-based material. The liner material is applied in a strategic orientation to add strength to the overall structure, resulting in a crush-resistant package that offers similar performance attributes to corrugated, but the high-quality graphics appeal of a folding carton. The reinforced carton structure can be web or sheet-fed printed using offset or lithography. ClubStak can also support holograms, film laminations, foil stamping and high-gloss coatings. It’s available with value-added display configurations and features, such as handles, easy-open/recloseable tear strips and wide access/vertical dispensing spouts.
PaperWorks Industries, Inc.