Herbold Meckesheim USA installed a rooftop solar energy system to provide electrical power to its 10,000-square-foot Smithfield, R.I., headquarters facility. The system, which consists of 80 panels, takes up about 20% of Herbold’s available roof space and is capable of producing 28,000 KW of clean, reliable, renewable energy.

“We’ve been interested in solar for purely environmental reasons since we built this facility in 2013,” says David Lefrancois, president. “As we looked more closely at the systems available today, we realized that the savings in terms of energy cost were dramatic. When we combined the cost reductions with the environmental impacts, going solar was a no brainer.”

Herbold worked with RGS Energy, Louisville, Colo., to configure and install the new system.

“Based on available state rebates and federal tax credits, we felt that purchasing everything up front made the most sense for our business,” adds Lefrancois. “Our estimates show the system will be fully paid for with energy savings in under three years.”

Herbold Meckesheim USA, a subsidiary of Herbold Meckesheim Germany, designs, manufactures and installs size-reduction equipment (shredders, granulators, etc.) and wash-line systems for the plastics industry.