KION North America completed a new 1-megawatt solar energy system at its Summerville, S.C., headquarters manufacturing facility. The system will harness the power of the sun to power the plant while generating revenue for the company.

“Sustainability is a clear trend in the material handling industry. We experience this with each new day in the shape of greater customer interest in electric forklift trucks,” says Daniel Schlegel, vice president of operations. “Now, we are in the position here in North America to offset our production line energy usage by creating energy through renewable resources.”

Installed by Alder Energy, Charleston, S.C., the system will offset around 80% of the annual energy consumption of all operations at KION North America. It will also offset the equivalent of 2.08 million pounds of CO2 emissions and generate enough energy to power 133 homes.

KION North America is said to be the first within the KION Group to invest in this type of renewable energy.