Conca D’Oro Importers LLC, a Totowa, N.J.-based distributor of specialty Italian foods and beverages, completed a 546-kilowatt (kW) solar power system by Quixotic Systems, Inc., New York.

The rooftop solar system will provide clean energy for the distributor’s warehousing, refrigeration and operations.

“Solar offers a very positive return on investment and helps us reduce our reliance on fossil fuel-generated electricity, which is important to our customers and community,” says Paolo Salvia, president, Conca D’Oro Importers.

Conca D’Oro’s solar system, which includes 1,500 solar panels ballasted on the facility’s 100,000-square-foot roof, will offset the company’s electricity use by 60%, and will enable the company to save an estimated $60,000 per year on electricity alone.

“For food distributors who typically have large warehouse space with flat roofs and high energy costs, solar is an excellent business decision,” says Richard Klein, president of Quixotic Systems. “Now is the time to take advantage of high-value SRECs as well.”