Master-Bilt’s new Master-Chill MBC Series under-counter blast chiller MBC40-4A is designed for easy access with a small footprint and large interior. This model features three removable steel wire racks and four sets of pan/shelf guide with nine positions and 1.2-inch intervals of vertical spacing accompanied by a self-closing door with full-height outer stainless-steel handle. The new reach-in blast chiller models MBC80-8A and MBC113-16A are floor-standing models designed for high capacity input. Each exterior wall is 2.95 inches thick to thoroughly insulate the chamber. The MBC80-8A is capable of chilling 80 pounds of product from 37-194°F in 90 minutes, while the MBC113-6A chills 113 pounds of product from 37-194°F in 90 minutes. The new low profile blast chiller MBCF35/22-5A is designed to sit below a combi oven for efficient use of kitchen space. Its production per cycle is 35 pounds of product from 37-194°F in 90 minutes and 22 pounds from 0-194°F in 240 minutes. Under-counter and reach-in Master-Chill blast chillers and freezers were also enhanced with new designs, improved electronic controls and a USB port to download data for simple and dependable application. Furthermore, every Master-Chill model features the company’s exclusive food identification controller, which automatically adjusts blast-chilling cycles with a single multi-sensor probe. All models also feature 20 pre-set blast-chilling cycles and a multilingual, multi-sector LCD control board that displays interior temperature, product temperature and ventilation speed.
Master-Bilt, a member of the Standex Food Service
Equipment Group


To speed up bed plate handling and improve ergonomics, IQF Frost released Puzzle Design for OctoFrost bed plates. This connection system looks similar to a jigsaw puzzle, and is designed to remove the need for a bed connection pin. The puzzle connection is also easier to clean.
OctoFrost, Inc.


The patented Linde impingement freezer uses a proprietary process ideal for crust freezing raw formed cookies at high volume. The cryogenic freezer is said to produce 3-5 times the capacity of a conventional cryogenic or ammonia-based tunnel freezer in the same linear space. With Linde impingement freezers, the surface of the food product is instantly crust frozen at the inlet port with a liquid nitrogen spray and high-velocity nitrogen gas, which traps moisture inside the product. As the product conveys along the belt, it continues to be impinged from both sides with high-velocity nitrogen gas. Nitrogen impingement freezers are ideal for chicken fillets, beef patties, fish fillets, scallops, pizza and pizza toppings, garlic breads and other frozen bakery products.
Linde LLC


Praxair’s proprietary CryoBlend cryogen injection system for meat mixing is said to improve cryogen usage by over 30% vs. traditional systems. Heat generated during mixing and grinding accelerates bacterial growth and leads to off-flavors and decreased shelf life. It also affects incorporation of flavorings and the degree of protein extraction. And, precise temperature control during meat mixing and grinding provides consistency in the forming process.
Praxair Inc.