Chicago-based Label Insight launched SmartSPEC, what is said to be the first-to-market solution that helps grocery brands generate and maintain the product data required to participate in SmartLabel.

The SmartSPEC solution utilizes the company's proprietary technology to analyze food products for each of the required SmartLabel attributes and provide data hosting and landing page creation services. The fully automated process shortens the time needed to implement SmartLabel, taking brands as little as a few days to complete.

Brands that license SmartSPEC will benefit from:

·         Fast and easy product submission. Brands can generate data for mandatory and voluntary attributes by simply dragging and dropping packaging images in the SmartSpec platform.

·         Automated attribute mapping. Label Insight's database of 15,000 attributes and 250,000 ingredient definitions enables automated mapping of all 52 required attributes and more than 90% of voluntary attributes in accordance with GS1 standards.

·         Built-in product verification. SmartSPEC allows brands to review and update their product data, ensuring consumers view accurate, quality information. 

·         QR code and landing page management.SmartSPEC generates and maintains QR codes and provides the URL for each landing page. The platform also builds and maintains landing pages according to SmartLabel specifications and with 99.9% uptime. 


Label Insight