AHPharma, Salisbury, Md., streamlined the water and feeder line lights to its AviLighting system to reduce energy consumption in poultry applications.

The redesigned strip lighting system is said to use 45% less energy and ensures simple, easy connection with the new plug-and-play, watertight locking system that protects circuits against moisture, dust and dirt. 

Custom-manufactured to meet individual requirements, the company’s new strip lighting system now enables growers to simply install and space AviLighting LED water and feeder line lights according to exacting poultry house specifications. A new, enhanced control panel box, for instance, offers built-in dimming controls, color toggling and the ability to interface with virtually any house controller featuring a 0-10V variable output or relay-output.  

Other advantages include the use of more workable 16 AWG wiring and a choice of LED lighting colors.