Maple Hill Creamery, Stuyvesant, N.Y., is growing its “herd” of 100% grass-fed organic dairy products with the introduction of Whole Milk Kefir, a fermented, cultured dairy beverage that boasts a mildly tart, tangy taste and creamy consistency.

This Whole Milk Kefir is made exclusively with organic milk from third-party-certified, 100% grass-fed cows from small family farms in New York.

“We wanted our Whole Milk Kefir to be simple and authentic, so we use only the highest-quality 100% grass-fed whole milk from our family farms, and add a propriety blend of 10 live and active probiotic cultures.  The result is a mild, less tart kefir with double the variety of ‘good’ bacteria compared to yogurt,” says Pete Meck, founding partner and vice president of operations and product innovation. “In addition, we use the highest-quality organic fruit and real flavor extracts, and don’t add any coloring, artificial flavors, gums or thickeners.”

Each 8-ounce serving contains 180-200 calories and a proprietary blend of 10 probiotic cultures.

Available in Plain, Strawberry and Vanilla, the Kefir line is available in approximately 265 Super Target stores nationwide, as well as many independent retailers for a suggested retail price of $6.99 per quart.