Better For You Foods LLC, Delray Beach, Fla., announced a new line of USDA-certified organic frozen Ancient Grains pizzas, featuring a hearty crust made with three organic sprouted grains and available in Organic Ancient Grains Cheese and Organic Ancient Grains Pepperoni. Both are topped with certified-organic Mozzarella cheese and the pepperoni pizza is made with certified-organic beef pepperoni.

"Certified-organic ingredients are a must-have for a growing number of natural foods consumers," says Jack Lotker, founder. "This was a natural next step for our company." 

Available in supermarket freezers, these ancient grains pizzas are made with organic tomato sauce, organic herbs and spices, organic cheese and organic toppings, and the pizza crust is made with sprouted wheat, sprouted quinoa and sprouted millet flour.