Brio Ice Cream, Montpelier, Vt., released new product upgrades and new packaging for its better-for-you ice cream alternative, Brio.

This spring, Brio is upgrading its entire product line to feature organic whole milk from pasture-raised cows and probiotic cultures specifically developed for ice cream products. While Brio will still be available in 14-ounce pints and 3.6-ounce single serves, the single-serve products will now include a built-in spoon for added convenience. Four packs of the single serves will also be introduced this spring.

"Love ice cream? Brio loves you back!" is the central theme of the new packaging. Brio’s new packaging conveys that its ice cream has 50% less fat, 35% fewer calories, delivers balanced omega 3-6-9s and is also antioxidant rich. Brio's new packaging was created by Gauger & Associates of San Francisco.

"Think of Brio's founders, twin brothers Arnie and Ron Koss, as the 'other ice cream guys' from Vermont," says Anne Rillero, marketing and public relations director. "Back when Ben and Jerry were creating their ice cream in Vermont, Ron and Arnie were also hard at work in the very same state, launching Earth's Best Baby Foods, the nation’s first organic baby food. Arnie and Ron went on to create Brio, a healthier alternative to super premium ice cream.”

"Arnie and I carried our passion for producing healthier and innovative foods into a mission to produce a genuine better-for-you ice cream," says Ron Koss, who led the product development efforts. "To create Brio, we put together a team that included former Ben & Jerry's flavor developers, plus dietitians and nutritionists."