RPC Bebo Kristiansand, a European leader in thermoformed packaging, has been renamed RPC Bebo Food Packaging to underline its ability to provide a complete packing solution, comprising both the pack and filling system, for a number of markets, including seafood, meat, poultry, ready meals, take-away and ethnic foods.

The site manufactures a range of over 200 HDPE trays in different designs and sizes. In addition, it supplies a choice of sealing films and a wide selection of sealing machines, from small manual versions to fully automatic models. These can also be specified with vacuum and gas flushing options for modified atmosphere packs.

And, with the site now part of the RPC Bebo division, customers can also gain access to a comprehensive range of thermoformed packs for many other food sectors, including margarines, spreads, frozen and ambient shelf-stable foods, dairy, fruit, ice cream, delicatessen and more.

“The packaging needs of the food sector are wide-ranging, and different markets and products have different priorities, including resistance to high and low temperatures and barriers to oxygen and/or light,” says Michael Stegeman, chief executive officer of RPC Bebo. “At the same time, the key requirements of delivering product quality, effective brand image and consumer convenience are fundamental to success. The specialist teams throughout RPC Bebo and RPC Bebo Food Packaging, with their technical skills and extensive market knowledge, enable us to deliver these essential criteria while ensuring each solution meets the precise needs of the customer.”