DENSO ADC, the Long Beach, Calif.-based sales arm of DENSO Wave Inc., inventor of the QR Code, announced new BHT-1500 Series hand-held barcode terminals. The compact, lightweight devices weigh only 4.5 ounces, yet offer high-performance scanning and adrop-resistant design.

The terminals’ full suite of pre-installed software makes them ready for instant, out-of-the-box data collection.

A contoured handle and ergonomic keyboard allow convenient one-hand operation, reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency. A large, 2-inch color screen facilitates clear viewing of data, cutting down on operator errors.

Communications capabilities include USB for direct connection to a PC, and IrDA for wireless cloning of devices. Optional device cradles allow communication via Ethernet, USB or RS-232C.

DENSO ADC, the U.S. sales arm of DENSO Wave Inc.