Quixotic Farming, a family-owned, sustainable seafood company that raises traceable tilapia, began expansion of its Chillicothe, Mo., headquarters farm by purchasing 27 new fish tanks.

This farm is already home to approximately 250,000 tilapia that live in 33, 10,000-gallon tanks. Each tank is equipped with its own filtration and recirculation system, which allows Quixotic Farming to sustainably reuse the water that fills each tank. By adding the 27 new tanks, Quixotic will increase its water capacity by 250,000 gallons. The farm will be able to hold approximately 200,000 more fish.

“The additional tanks should increase our production by about 70%,” says Randy Constant, founder and CEO. “The goal is to expand in Missouri and reach the size of our Colorado facility, so that it makes sense to process in both locations.”

Right now, the company ships all of its fish to a second farm location in Penrose, Colo., to be processed. But, with the added tanks and water capacity in Chillicothe, the company has new goals in mind—to open a second processing facility in Missouri and fill the rest of the building with tanks in the next 18 months, at which point, the Missouri facility would be complete.