Following the 1998 merger of Cambridge Wire Cloth (Plant 1) and Maryland Wire Belts (Plant 2), Cambridge International operated two separate facilities near one another on Goodwill Road in Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge plans to sell the Plant 2 facility located at 105 Goodwill Road.

The company has now consolidated all Maryland employees and business units under one roof. Cambridge optimized the footprint of its main building to unite the workforce, leverage synergies and strengthen operations. Renovations included a new product development area, manufacturing and process improvements and numerous facility upgrades. Recent interior and lobby improvements include exhibits that trace Cambridge’s 105-year history and highlight the company’s mission, vision, values and people.

Completed over six months, the company moved all conveyor belt and wire mesh manufacturing into its 237,000-square-foot headquarters in Cambridge, Md. The move included 65 employees and 37 pieces of equipment, and is expected to greatly improve operations, enhance productivity and increase capacity.

“Our upgrades and new Innovation Center inspire collaboration,” says Tracy Tyler, president. “This improved environment facilitates teamwork and encourages continued development of products, practices and processes to better serve our customers and exceed their expectations.”

Chief operating officer Tom Ross and engineering director Bob Maine oversaw the renovation. The outcomes will help to grow Cambridge’s workforce, strengthen productivity and problem-solving capabilities and create better processes to meet market demands.

“Consolidating manufacturing, shipping and receiving operations allows us to further grow the business and invest those savings in technologies, training and tools that help our team compete in a global market,” Ross says.

Cambridge’s new 7,000-square-foot Innovation Center is a dedicated product development and testing lab that includes an engineering department and test conveyors to showcase innovation and improvements to visiting clients.