1st Quality Produce, Fresno, Calif., introduced a new brand of fresh fruit and vegetable school packs called Snack Buddies for the 2016-17 school year.

Available in California schools, Snack Buddies focuses on nine different fruit and vegetable paired with sports theme characters that tie directly to activities children are participating in and outside of school. The packaging also offers fun facts and “did know you” sections about each sport and the fruit or vegetable featured.

“The packaging stands out, but yet it’s simple, it’s engaging and the buddies make it memorable, which all was in mind for the ultimate goal of kids eating their healthy snack,” says Melissa Steward, director of marketing.  

The bag contents range from produce like orange wedges, melon cubes and jicama sticks to specialty produce like purple snow peas, kumquats and yellow pear tomatoes.