Bel-Ray, Farmingdale, N.J., released No-Tox Food Grade Oven Chain Lubricant for use on chains, conveyors and bearings found in high-temperature commercial ovens.

No-Tox Food Grade Oven Chain Lubricant is formulated to deliver and deposit advanced food-grade solid lubricants to the chain, side bars, sprockets, bushing and pins of commercial ovens. The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties allow it to deposit and deliver suspended food-grade white-graphite after prolonged exposure to high temperatures, reducing energy consumption and friction. Due to its synthetic ester oil base, the lubricant leaves no sludge or carbon residue behind when thermally decomposed.

No-Tox Food Grade Oven Chain Lubricant effectively lubricates up to 1,652°F, and effectively inhibits growth of certain bacteria, yeast and mold. Plus, it is kosher and Pareve-approved, Halal-certified and meets NSF H1 and FDA requirements.

Bel-Ray Co., LLC