The State of the Mobile Experience study, conducted by PointSource, Raleigh, N.C., reveals key insights on digital offerings across retail and supply chain industries, among others.

The majority of influencers and decision makers across industries report that the current state of their company’s mobile experience does not meet their users’ expectations, and that they still struggle to identify how to improve their mobile user experience in tandem with evolving consumer and user demands.

The study also exposes key pain points in the mobile user experience, where companies are investing to address their mobile challenges, and identifies areas of opportunity for organizations to outpace and differentiate from their competition through digital transformation.

For example, according to respondents, the Top 4 pain points within the supply chain industry are process related. Fifty-four percent struggle with managing inventory, 52% with quality assurance, 48% with generally inefficient processes and a third (33%) with outdated information. Supply chain companies with a mobile presence or looking to develop one must either ensure their strategy addresses these concerns, or that their mobile user experiences make handling operational tasks like these easier.

The survey also found that existing mobile solutions are not meeting current supply chain needs. For instance, while 81% of supply chain decision makers have a mobile website and 71% have a mobile app, only 23% of supply chain companies are currently using a mobile app or site to handle everyday tasks and projects. This disparity suggests that perhaps supply chain influencers feel their existing mobile presences do not meet the needs and expectations of users.