Los Angeles-based Nomva revamped the packaging of its on-the-go refrigerated probiotic super smoothies to highlight the clean, USDA-certified organic and fiber-rich ingredients, while maintaining the no-spill, squeezable “happiness flask” format.

“As the everyday consumers’ lives get busier, they continue seeking convenient, healthy and well-balanced food options. This demand has spread to top retailers like Target, Ralphs and Sprouts, who recognize the value in nomva to fill this very real need,” says co-founders Caroline Beckman and Nina Church. “We are so excited that, after only a year on the market and with an average team age of 22, the nomva brand has caught the eye of some of the biggest retailers in the country. We are thrilled to continue fueling our customers with the same delicious, high-powered snacks they’ve come to expect from nomva.”