Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., the retail subsidiary of The Schwan Food Co., Bloomington, Minn., released its exclusive “Reinvigorating Frozen Foods Report 2016” to start a conversation about how manufacturers and retailers can communicate the benefits of frozen foods to shoppers struggling with the fresh vs. frozen question.

Schwan’s Consumer Brands conducted the research to uncover new insights into the current state of the frozen foods aisle and to understand consumers’ attitudes toward frozen foods and shopping behavioral trends. The research revealed that convenience, ease of use and life stage are top reasons shoppers turn to frozen foods.

“As leaders in the frozen category, Schwan’s Consumer Brands is always working to help our retail partners drive shoppers to the frozen aisles by providing valuable consumer and category insights,” says Kevin McAdams, president. “We’re learning more and more that consumers have a complicated relationship with frozen food, and we want to help retailers demonstrate the value of frozen to those shoppers in new and exciting ways.”

The report found several relevant consumer insights, including:

·         Millennial shoppers are key targets for frozen food purchases.

·         Shoppers have more meal solution options available, and aspire to have a more active role in cooking, making competition for the frozen food dollar strong.

·         Manufacturers can call attention to health, taste and quality benefits while retailers can make the frozen food aisle shopping experience more exciting and relevant.

Positioning frozen food as part of the new contemporary meal provides shortcuts without compromising quality.