Chicago-based ConAgra Foods, Inc. acquired the packaged foods businesses of Frontera Foods, Inc. and Red Fork LLC, including the Frontera, Red Fork and Salpica brands. Frontera Foods, also based in Chicago, produces authentic, gourmet Mexican salsas, sauces, snacks and meals. Red Fork is known for its premium American cooking sauces and Salpica is a unique Tex-Mex salsa line.

“We are excited to add the Frontera, Red Fork and Salpica brands to our portfolio. In particular, the Frontera brand is a preeminent gourmet Mexican food brand in North America. We believe it provides a tremendous platform off which we can build,” says Sean Connolly, president and CEO of ConAgra Foods.

"In ConAgra, we’ve found people who respect our integrity and uncompromising standards,” adds Rick Bayless, founding chef for Frontera Foods. “We will continue to make high-quality food with the same standards of excellence and operate with the same values and fresh ingredients that have helped the business to become the premium brands they are today. This is the start of a new era for Frontera, Salpica and Red Fork, and we are thrilled.”

“Frontera has grown through a passion for innovation and hard work,” says Frontera Foods CEO Manny Valdes says. “We have made a difference in the American grocery store and the American home. We believe ConAgra is a fantastic partner to help us deliver the same level of authentic, gourmet food products to even more homes across the country.”

Bayless and Valdes will continue to actively support the business.

The acquisition does not include any restaurant assets, including Frontera-branded restaurants.