Diaz Foods, Atlanta, acquired the Frutel brand from Origin Food Group, Statesville, N.C., making it the second brand Diaz Foods has acquired in less than two years.

“The Frutel brand represents an opportunity for Diaz Foods to further expand its portfolio of products for our customers. This 100% yogurt drink is a high-quality product with significant opportunity to expand beyond its North Carolina footprint,” says Eric Newberg, chief financial officer at Diaz Foods.

“Since the perceived market leaders are shifting to a world of smoothies and creating a void in the real drinkable yogurt space, we saw an opportunity in Frutel. While others continue to sell ‘smoothie-style yogurt mixes,’ we are marketing a drinkable yogurt made with real milk and fruit. Frutel is exactly that, a real drinkable yogurt that is a meal replacement, an energy booster and nutritious drink all in one,” adds Antonio Casas, vice president of marketing at Diaz Foods.