MALK Organics, Houston, Texas, added a nut nog to its line of creamy plant-based beverages.

MALK Organics Pecan Nog is said to be the first 100% cold-pressed, dairy-free nog made with pecan milk, and is dubbed the only nog to use cinnamon and nutmeg without artificial colors and flavors. Additionally, each bottle boasts more than 1 cup of nuts and is free of thickeners, gums and preservatives.

"Our customers mean the world to us, so we created this delicious holiday nog in celebration of them," says August Vega, chief executive officer. “Nog is nostalgic for so many, and we’re thrilled to be adding this classic holiday drink with a healthy twist to our product line.”

MALK Organics Pecan Nog is available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets within the southwest region.