Oman Food Investment Holding, Inc. (OFIC) promoted Mazoon Dairy Co. to undertake the flagship dairy project for Oman.

Highlights of the project include: 

  • Vertically integrated dairy farm and production facility with high-yield dairy cows.
  • The farm will start with approximately 4,000 cows in 2017, which will grow to a herd size of 25,000 cows in 2026.
  • Project commenced in 2015 with a commercial production expected in 2017.
  • The company will produce approximately 202 million liters in 2026 and 985 million liters in 2040. This, along with an increase in existing production and the new milk collection scheme being promoted, will reduce the import dependency from 69% in 2014 to 13% in 2026.
  • Net Imports (imports-exports) could be negative in 2040, allowing Oman to become a net exporter of dairy products.
  • The project opens wide opportunities in the employment market for Oman. The project is expected to reach around 90% Omanisation in 10 years. It would employ approximately 2,300 staff in Year 10, and will also provide indirect employment through forward and backward linkage effects of the project.