Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC and Fairlife LLC, Chicago, announced a collaborative project to add additional on-site wastewater treatment capacity at their 100-acre dairy processing plant in Coopersville, Mich. This $173 million upgrade will create 52 new jobs.

"Fairlife continues to achieve an astonishing rate of growth,” says Hawk Dobbins, plant engineer at Fairlife. “This collaborative project will allow our growth to continue unabated and paves the way for long-term investment and job creation in West Michigan."

Both companies are expanding operations to include new products and product lines. The increased water treatment capacity will allow Fairlife to add additional capacity to produce fairlife, Core Power and Yup branded products. And, the increased water treatment capacity will allow Continental Dairy to expand operations to produce butter and buttermilk powder.

“[Continental Dairy] Facilities is very pleased to partner with the State of Michigan and the Michigan Strategic Fund to identify investment opportunities that recognize growth potential in the state’s dairy industry while working to protect the environment that we all share and cherish,” says Steve Cooper, chief operating officer and general manager, Continental Dairy.