On the heels of its frozen Deep-Fried Twinkies, which placed No. 5 in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ Best New Retail Products contest, part 2, Hostess Brands, Kansas City, Mo., introduced Deep-Fried Banana Twinkies, which feature a banana crème-filled Twinkie and graham cracker breading.

Located in the freezer aisle of grocery stores and other mass retailers nationwide, Deep-Fried Banana Twinkies consist of pre-packed deep-fried Twinkies, battered and flash fried before they’re frozen, and can be heated up in the oven in just minutes.

“The addition of Deep-Fried Banana Twinkies is a nod to Twinkies’ original flavor—Banana Crème,” says Burke Raine, chief marketing officer. “Taking Twinkie back to its roots integrates nicely with our deep-fried line, which was originally inspired by the nostalgia of state fairs and local summer carnivals.”