Will 2017 be the year Americans finally ditch fast food in favor of homemade?

Internet grocer Peapod, a Skokie, Ill.-based Ahold USA company, and ORC International, Princeton, N.J., conducted a national survey to see what food resolutions will be topping many lists.

In its “Year of the Home Cook” survey, Peapod found that 72% of Americans already report cooking at home four nights or more per week in 2016, and shows no signs of slowing down for 2017. In fact, over a third of Americans surveyed (34%) are planning to cook dinner at home even more in the New Year. Leading the cooking movement are Millennials, who are twice as likely as their older counterparts (49% of Millennials vs. 24% of Boomers) to make this a resolution for 2017.

After a season of holiday indulgences, Americans are looking forward to more mindful eating. Of those that cook at home, 53% would like to meal plan more in 2017. The Top 3 reasons for meal planning are to save money (60%), eat healthy (59%) and waste less food (55%).

"On our recipe inspiration website, FromthePod.com, we're definitely witnessing the trend of meal planning with consumers looking for new dinner ideas. In fact, traffic to our recipes increased 120% in 2016 from the previous year," says Andrea Eldridge, senior vice president sales and merchandising. "Some of the most popular recipes were those that require 15 minutes or less of prep time or utilize a slow cooker for easy cooking."

What are Americans looking for when they plan dinner?

Something easy. Regardless of age, the No. 1 factor when choosing what's for dinner? Having the ingredients on hand. After that, Millennials and Boomers are split. Millennials say it has to be how easy/quick the recipe is to cook (63%) while Boomers say it's the nutrition of the meal (74%).

Inspiration. 51% of Americans would prepare dinner at home more often if they had new ideas. Millennials need the most inspiration, at 63% compared to the more experienced Boomers at 42%.

Stovetop recipes.  Americans will be looking for stovetop-friendly recipes as they prepare dinner. In fact, 44% report the stovetop as their top tool at least four nights a week compared to just 25% of Americans that will be turning on the oven and 24% that are microwavers.