Sealed Air Corp., Charlotte, N.C., introduced a suite of equipment solutions that provide an automated and comprehensive approach for packaging and distributing food products.

Each solution is customized to meet processor‘s unique needs, providing improved consistency, greater throughput, quality control and more flexibility while eliminating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks.

Offerings include:

Automated product rotation and turning solutions for smooth level rotation and turning without compromising the products and increasing consistencies.

Automated bag loading solutions provide more flexibility by accommodating many different shapes and textures of cheeses and meats. Processors can now seamlessly package products in a variety of bags and product sizes using the same machinery, eliminating the need for multiple distribution lines.

Automated vacuum packaging and sealing solutions deliver ultimate protection while maintaining product integrity and quality on a consistent basis.

End-to-end support and service ensures customers are able to fully optimize their suite of automation solutions through preventative and real-time maintenance plans, remote data analysis and monitoring, local resources for service, maintenance and training as well as availability for spare parts.

Sealed Air Corp.