Cloverleaf, San Diego, Calif., announced shelfPoint, what is said to be the industry’s first dynamic shelf solution with built-in emotional artificial intelligence (emotion AI) capabilities.

With shelfPoint, brands and retailers can now capture customer engagement and sentiment data at the moment of purchase decision.

With shelfPoint, retailers and brands can replace stagnant cardboard cutouts and layered sticker price tags with an innovative and intelligent solution that provides the same level of shopping behavior analytics as many leading e-commerce platforms.

Features and benefits include:

Emotional artificial intelligence technology. Leveraging its strategic partnership with Affectiva, Boston, Mass., shelfPoint classifies shopper’s facial expressions and overall sentiment without storing personal information or images. Categories include “joy,” “sadness,” “anger,” “fear” or “surprise.”

Demographic capture capabilities. Equipped with optical sensors, shelfPoint also uses Affectiva technology to gather anonymous shopper demographic data, including age, gender and major ethnic group.

Modern display. Featuring dynamic and high-definition LCD strips across the entire shelf, shelfPoint displays miniaturized visual marketing campaigns to attract, engage and entice shoppers based on the shopper’s level of engagement and distance.

Actionable insights. Using its own cloud-based insights platform, shelfPoint analyzes in-store data and delivers a detailed overview of key findings tailored to the needs of the retailer and/or brand.

IT agnostic. With its own media player, shelfPoint can seamlessly integrate with any existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, shelfPoint’s media player is cellular-enabled and runs independently of a store’s system for maximum bandwidth efficiency.