Yeo Valley and Tesco PLC, both of the UK, joined forces to develop a new yogurt variety that helps tackle food waste and support FareShare, a UK-based food redistribution charity.

Tesco and Adam Wakeley, Yeo Valley’s organic fruit grower, created Apple and Custard Left-Yeovers yogurt made with organic Santana apples grown by Wakeley on his farm in Gloucester. The apples are blended with a creamy custard yogurt made in the Yeo Valley’s Somerset dairy, using milk and cream from their own farms and from other British family farms that make up the West Country Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCo), UK.

"I have loved working with Yeo Valley, and I hope we can work together to reduce waste and utilize our English apples to their full potential. I am very excited that Tesco have supported this idea, and that British family farms can work together to produce such a fantastic product," says Wakeley.

Left-Yeovers are available exclusively in Tesco outlets.