Youredi, a Woburn, Mass.-based provider of data integration and analytics solutions serving global supply chain and logistics, announced a collaboration with Bestshore Business Solutions (UK), a management consulting provider in the shipping industry. This collaboration will enable the parties to further cooperate and focus on addressing the needs and enhance technology and processes for the ocean logistics industry.

"This collaboration with Youredi comes at a time when the ocean logistics industry needs to embrace new technology and the cloud in an effort to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and integrate innovative solutions to ultimately improve customer service. Currently, the market is so disruptive that the ability to adopt innovation and remain competitive is critical to survival. Bestshore's extensive industry knowledge and network, consulting experience and holistic approach to identify key technology providers is a vital combination to bring both short and long-term technology improvements to the ocean logistics industry," says Peter Ludvigsen, chief executive officer of Bestshore Business Solutions (UK). "The partnership between Youredi and Bestshore will enable terminal customers, depots and land side actors to move into real-time transactions and messaging as opposed to the current situation where delays of up to 24 hours after the activity took place are experienced."

"Youredi is extremely excited about this cooperation with Bestshore Business Solutions. We are already providing our services to many parts of the industry. Many carriers, forwarders, terminal operators and shippers are already utilizing our technology. The relationship with Bestshore will allow us to address some of the specific needs of the industry and expand our network. Our integration platform has been built to ensure efficient business-to-business integrations providing full transparency of data flows across different applications and organizations cross-border. We continue to develop pioneering supply chain technology increasing the visibility across all modes of transportation. This is what the industry needs," says Jaakko Elovaara, Youredi CEO.

Youredi integrates data seamlessly across applications, processes and systems on premise, in the cloud and between trading partners.