Consolidated Fruit Packers (CFP), a Canada-based sector of The Star Group of Cos., finalized the acquisition of Graem Nelson Associates Ltd., a Canada-based Okanagan Cherry marketer and international distributor. Through this further investment, CFP will bolster its acreage in cherry production, further strengthening its position in Canadian fruit.

Nelson has been a fruit grower, packhouse owner, international consultant and cherry exporter for over 40 years.

“CFP continues permanent, long-term investment in the Okanagan Valley, increasing our grower base, fruit production and supply. We are inspired to further our work with Graem, who has been a pioneer in the cherry industry, devoting time to the pre-harvest and marketing of cherries, and working with multiple growers on best practices to ensure the highest quality Canadian fruit is harvested. This acquisition confirms our commitment to expand programs with some of the finest Canadian growers in conjunction with top retailers in Canada, the USA and around the globe,” says Dariel Trottier, president CFP.

CFP is a leader in the Canadian blueberry and soft fruit industry, and operates a state-of-the-art packing facility that specializes in packing cherries, all soft fruits and local apples.