High Liner Foods, Portsmouth, N.H., launched 10 new expertly prepared Sea Cuisine products offering on-trend flavors and containing responsibly sourced seafood.

“We’re passionate about helping people live vibrant lives by making it easier than ever to access and enjoy delicious, premium seafood. Despite the dietary recommendations, consumption of seafood still lags because consumers often see it as difficult to prepare, expensive and time consuming. Here at High Liner, we’re working to tackle those challenges head on and offer great-tasting seafood that’s simple to enjoy,” says Jeff Tahnk, vice president retail marketing.

The new products are conveniently packaged in a transparent, patented skin pack tray that showcase the fresh-looking, premium whole fillet cuts.

New varieties include:

Pan Sear Garlic & Herb Tilapia –Tilapia meets garlic, rosemary, thyme and sage seasoning.

Pan Sear Teriyaki Sesame Salmon – Wild Alaska Salmon with a ginger, soy sauce and garlic seasoning.

Flame Seared Lemon Pepper Scallops – Add some zest with pepper and lemon seasoned Wild Sea Scallops.

Mango Habanero Tilapia – Mango, agave and habanero pepper on Tilapia.

Asian Grill Rubbed Salmon –Atlantic salmon from Chile, seasoned with a sweet heat rub of garlic, ginger, soy and chilies.

Citrus Herb Rubbed Salmon – A combination of lemon, herb, salt and pepper rub with Atlantic salmon from Chile.

Honey Chipotle Salmon –Sweet honey and smoky chipotle crusted Wild Alaska Salmon.

Stout Spiked BBQ Salmon – Wild Alaska salmon doused with a saucy selection of bittersweet coffee and malt.

Sweet Sriracha Rubbed Salmon Skewers – Atlantic salmon skewer starter kit with a sweet Sriracha kick.

Montreal Seasoned Cod – Wild cod fillets seasoned with roasted garlic, cracked pepper and spices.

This new Sea Cuisine line is available in Kroger, Target, Albertstons, Harvest Meat Company, Super Valu, Hy-Vee, Bashas, Shaws, Market Basket, Winco and Walmart stores nationwide.