Project Juice, a South San Francisco, Calif.-based organic cold-pressed juice processor, aims to change public perception surrounding ugly produce through the launch of its new seasonal blend for spring – Ugly and Awesome.

So-called ugly produce is imperfect in only one way—cosmetically. Ugly and Awesome uses 99% ugly produce to develop 100% organic Apple, Strawberry, Cucumber, Bok Choy and Ginger varieties.

“At Project Juice, we use ‘ugly produce’ as a way to prevent delicious and nutritious produce from going to waste,” says Marra St. Clair, co-founder. “While the produce may not look as perfect as we have been conditioned to expect, it is nutritionally perfect and delivers awesome farm fresh flavor. Our juices are proof of that.”

“This sourcing practice has allowed Project Juice to provide an additional revenue source to farmers for crops that would have otherwise been unusable through standard grocery channels,” St. Clair adds. “I am thrilled that natural food leaders are beginning to experiment with customer acceptance of ‘ugly fruit.’ I think it is indicative of a huge, important step in the right direction, away from the proliferation of engineered food being our standard.”