Project Juice, San Francisco, kicked off summer with the launch of its seasonal blends, available in Watermelon Berry, Jalagreeño 2.0 and Seasonal Orange.

The new blends can be mixed and matched as part of the new cocktail mixer pack.

“At Project Juice, we believe in balance, and that can include the occasional indulgence in a cocktail or two at a summertime party,” says Rachel Malsin, co-founder. “Of course, in an effort to give your indulgence the most redeeming of qualities, we’ve created a few ‘healthy cocktail-approved’ cold-pressed juice blends that pack a nutrient punch and help your body stay hydrated, all while pairing well with your favorite alcohol. These are also great on their own for a refreshing drink on a summer day.”

Watermelon Berry consists of 100% organic watermelon, strawberry, young coconut water, green apple and lime.

Jalagreeño 2.0 combines cold-pressed cucumber, raw agave, jalapeños and lime into an alternative to chemical- and sugar-laden cocktail mixers.

Seasonal Orange delivers a great source of vitamin C.