Using industry-leading predictive capabilities, including what is said to be an industry first ink buildup sensor, the new Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) provides up to eight hours of advanced notice of common potential fault conditions that can impact OEE and uptime.

When coupled with the Videojet LifeCycle Advantage (LCA) suite of offerings, the Videojet 1860 from Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., entails remote support, comprehensive analytics, dashboards for fleet monitoring and real-time email/text alerts to provide enhanced uptime, control and visibility to printer operations.

The 1860 utilizes over 50 real-time sensors to continuously monitor 150-plus key indicators of printer performance, providing diagnostics, analytics and guidance. This suite of predictive capabilities allows for corrective actions prior to events happening that can cause downtime.

The Videojet 1860’s printhead design features a predictive ink buildup sensor. Alert notifications display on the printer and can be sent to a smart device, allowing for pre-emptive corrective action during line changeover or other planned production stoppages. In addition, the Videojet 1860’s fluid system features a make-up reserve tank that can keep the printer in action for at least eight hours under normal operating conditions, even if a supplies refill alert goes un-actioned.

The Videojet 1860 also takes full advantage of VideojetConnect, a remote service offering that provides operators access to the world’s largest service network of coding and marking technical experts at the touch of a finger. This allows for real-time corrective action to help deliver increased uptime and minimize reliance on in-house maintenance teams.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.