Creation Gardens, Louisville, Ky., acquired Bluefin Seafood, also of Louisville, Ky. Bluefin Seafood provides premier seafood to tri-state-area chefs and restaurants.

By now offering fresh seafood, Creation Gardens can continue to serve customers with daily delivery of a wide variety of products through a digital platform, and allows for a stronger presence in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.   

"This acquisition now completes our quest to offer all of the challenging product lines in foodservice, where focused teams of experts can concentrate on producing a superior product as distribution distractions gets pulled out and put on our incredible service platform. We choose to offer our chefs daily delivery, industry leading cut-off times, broken cases, 6,500 stock items, state-of-the-art technology and unmatched service in lieu of a traditional sales force. Our chefs will now be able to access almost everything they need to operate their culinary program," says Ron Turnier, president of Creation Gardens. "Our customers and our team have so much respect for what Ken and his team have built. Ken [Berry, founder of Bluefin Seafood,] has been a personal mentor to me for nearly 18 years, and we are so excited to be working together."   

The combination of these two family-run companies now provides customers ultimate access to produce, seafood, gourmet foods, meats, eco paper products, dairy, hand-cut produce and general pantry goods. 

The Bluefin Seafood’s team will continue to work as a part of the Creation Gardens family.