Traders Point Creamery, Zionsville, Ind., revamped its labels on all Grade A dairy products.

“We simply listened to the overwhelming feedback of our loyal customers, who as always, gave us the best advice. The new labels include clear, legible wording, highlighting the fact that our products are organic and 100% grass-fed. With the increased demand for quick and direct delivery, this has become a growing expectation among our consumers,” says Mark Vander Kooy, chief executive officer. “Since introducing the new labels, the company has piqued the interest of major chains and already is seeing products transferred to more visible shelf placement at current stores.”

Traders Point Creamery’s signature products include a full line of organic, 100% grass-fed fluid milks and yogurts, offered in both 5-ounce glass single-serve jars and 32-ounce quart glass bottles.