ACR Systems, Canada, released the JR-2000, what is dubbed as the industry’s longest lasting, single channel USB temperature data logger supporting the widest temperature range.

Features include:

  • A compact USB interface (with protective, snap-on cap) that fits easily into crowded USB ports.
  • Wide temperature range (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Long battery life, even at extreme temperatures.
  • Stores over 100,000 samples.
  • Configurable sample rates from every 10 seconds to every 18 hours.
  • Large, multi-color visual status and alarm indicator.


With its precision calibrated internal temperature sensor, users simply place the JR-2000 in the field and leave it to record. The JR-2000 includes an LED-based status indicator, allowing users to quickly see whether the logger is actually logging, is set for a delayed start, is full or is in an alarm state. Alarms activate when either pre-set low or high-temperature thresholds are surpassed. Then, once the desired data has been gathered in the field, users simply plug the JR-2000 directly into the USB port of a computer or laptop to download and view logged data using ACR’s TrendReader Jr. Windows software.

ACR Systems