Linde LLC, Bridgewater, N.J., introduced what is dubbed as a “new wave” in quick freezing.

The new patent-pending CRYOLINE CWI CRYOWAVE impingement freezer combines the benefits of dual-action CRYOWAVE product agitation with impingement cryogenic gas flow into a single high-capacity solution, ideal for crusting or individually quick freezing (IQF) sliced and diced chicken, chicken wings, meatballs, sausages and pizza toppings. 

Linde also featured these two technologies for more consistent and efficient chilling:

New LIXSHOOTER injectors for mixer chilling self-seal against the blender wall to prevent food from penetrating and clogging nozzle orifices. The hygienically-designed bottom injectors are easy to retrofit and can chill with either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (CO2). A dual-cryogen option makes it possible to switch between cryogens in minutes.

The ACCU-CHILL combo chiller automates the handling and chilling of cut or deboned meat and poultry. The chiller evenly layers product in the combo bin with CO2 snow for more rapid and consistent chilling. It also eliminates the risks associated with manually loading product and shoveling dry ice.

Linde North America